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Import Sessions.

Unlike other motocross apps, MX Buddy is not limited to using a specific GPS device! There are various sources from which you can retrieve your data.
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The XGPS160 is an awesome GPS device when it comes to in-depth riding analysis.
With MX Buddy, you can directly access your sessions on the XGPS and download them into the app.
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Polar Flow

Turn your Polar fitness watch into a motocross training tool!
Just connect MX Buddy with your Polar Flow account. Record your riding sessions with the watch. Sync your watch with Polar Flow. Then import the sessions you like right into MX Buddy and do your analysis.
polar watch

Other GPS Devices

If you own a GPS watch or another GPS device (e.g. from Garmin or Suunto), you can import its data via GPS files.
Just export your GPS file from your device (e.g. via Garmin Connect) and save it in your Dropbox (or on a web space with public access). From there you can import the into MX Buddy.
A direct access to Garmin Connect and Suunto will be available in a future release of the app! It is already in the making.
Support file types are
  • TCX
  • GPX
  • KML
  • FIT


If you own a LITPro, lucky you!
LITPro offers its own app to analyze data. But if you want to also have your lap times in MX Buddy, you can load them via MX Buddy’s LITPro import functionality.
Maybe sometime there will be access to track data of LITPro, instead of just lap times. Well, let’s at least hope so ;-)


Your race results can be easily imported into MX Buddy, if they are listed on MYLAPS.
MX Buddy lets you navigate through race results and import and analyze lap times from any rider.
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