Riding Analysis.

MX Buddy gives you optimal support for recording and evaluation of your training sessions.

Record Data

With MX Buddy you have many opportunities to record your riding sessions.
Highly Accurate GPS
  • Record GPS with the XGPS160
  • Record GPS with your iPhone and a paired XGPS160
    with Heart Rate and Live Display
  • Load data directly from the XGPS160
Standard GPS
  • Record GPS with your iPhone
    with Heart Rate and Live Display
  • Import GPS from external sources
    e.g. from Polar or Garmin GPS Devices
Lap Times
  • Import LITPro lap times
  • Import MYLAPS lap times
  • Use the motocross stopwatch
  • Input lap times manually
To record your heart rate, you need a compatible heart rate belt.

Analyze Results

Whether you've recorded GPS data or just lap times, MX Buddy gives you plenty of options for analyzing and improving your riding.
Analyze on the Map
  • Realtime playback
  • Compare laps on free definable track segments
  • Compare against your theoretical best lap (conisting of your best segments)
  • Segment selection
  • Color coded speeds
  • Display of speed and distance
  • Display of your maximum speed
  • Navigate with high precision timeline
  • Move and zoom freely on the map
  • Switch between Apple and Google maps
  • Segment potential calculation
  • Heart rate analysis with heart rate zones
Analyse Lap Times
  • Best lap time for the selected track with date
  • Best lap time per run
  • Average lap time per run
  • Total time per run
  • Number of laps per run
  • Lap times chart per run
  • Consistency score per run
  • Consistency chart over time
  • Race strategy analysis
  • Stats for all your sessions or filtered
  • Overview of all your sessions with their assigned bike setups
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